System Certification Tune Up

Seasonal No Breakdown Guarantee!

The System Certification Tune Up is a detailed 52-point Tune Up of your *entire* HVAC system, heating and air conditioning, which is so thorough that we place a SEASONAL NO BREAKDOWN GUARANTEE for systems that pass with a Green Certificate. The Summer Season Starts March 19th and Ends September 23rd, The Winter Season Starts September 23rd and Ends March 19th. That means if you get a System Certification in September (Winter Season), we guarantee your HVAC system will operate until March 19th, if it breaks down, we credit the Full Cost of the System Certification toward any repair.

The TRUE Condition of your HVAC System

There are three (3) possible outcomes for the System Certification:

Green Light: Pass with a Green Certificate, which means you have the no breakdown guarantee, all season long.

Yellow Light: Fail with a Yellow Certificate, which does NOT include the no breakdown guarantee, BUT if you complete the suggested work, then we will then certify the system Green and then you will get the no breakdown guarantee. Typically Yellow means components are out of specification or other non-critical issues exist.

Red Light: Fail with a Red Certificate, which does NOT include the no breakdown guarantee because our technician has identified critical issues. Typically Red means the amount of repairs required, combined with the age of the system, are not a good investment, and it may be time to replace the system.

You will be much better off knowing the TRUE condition of your air conditioning system! This is not some quick low cost special where a tech floats in for a few minutes and then happily goes on his way. This is a thorough process with a full report. If there is a potential pending problem, we'll find it. Those costly unexpected breakdowns can get expensive, you will be far better off getting a System Certification with a no breakdown guarantee!

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