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Tucson Sugar Skulls Contest

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Strongbuilt is a Proud Sponsor of the Tucson Sugar Skulls!

You can Win a Free A/C System and $25,000 Cash! Every home game be sure to visit the Strongbuilt booth to sign up for the raffle. Just for entering you receive your choice of a Complimentary A/C Tune Up or a Complimentary Water Heater Flush. From the entrants, we will draw a random name, that person will be called down onto the field for a chance to throw a football through the goal post uprights from 5-yards, 10-yards and 15-yards. If you get the ball through the uprights from all three distances you win a brand new central a/c system valued at $10,000! But that's not all, we will be doing this at every home game, and there are seven home games, so we will have drawn seven people, those seven people will also be given an opportunity to Win $25,000 during that last home game of the year. You get one attempt to throw a football from the 25-yard line into a 14" diameter target, the first person to get the ball in the target wins $25,000! Be sure to stop at our booth and sign up BEFORE HALFTIME we'll be right inside the front doors, we won't be hard to find!

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The Dreaded Rules....

Entrant must be at least 18 years old, entrant must own and be a full time resident of the residential property in Pima County where the service will be performed (rental properties, vacation homes, commercial properties and properties outside Pima County do not qualify). The home must have an existing a/c system installed, the new a/c system prize is a replacement system for an existing a/c system, we will remove the old a/c system and replace it with a new Strongbuilt system. Standard gas systems and heat pumps are included. Split a/c systems and package units are included. Sizing of the system can be any size between 1.5 tons and 5 tons as determined by the heat load calculation performed (included). A new power disconnect box is included, a new high voltage power line between the disconnect and the condenser or package unit is included. For heat pump systems the heat strips are included (sized per system). For package units the crane service is included. A new Honeywell 6000 programmable Thermostat is included. Additional duct work, additional electric work, gas line work, refrigerant line replacement, are not included. The system must be installed by Strongbuilt Plumbing & Air (no delivery, drop off, unit must be installed). The value of the system is $10,000 but this is not a cash prize and has no redeemable value. The value of $10,000 can be used as a credit toward a higher efficiency system from Strongbuilt Plumbing & Air. In order to participate in the throwing contest you cannot have played high school, college or NFL football within the last 5-years. The complimentary a/c tune up or complimentary water heater flush has a value of $91 (each) but this is not a cash prize and has no redeemable value. Persons who are unable to throw a football for reasons of age or disability may appoint an alternate thrower whom must be present in the audience, the alternate thrower must be at least 18 years old and cannot have played high school, college or NFL football within the last 5-years, if the alternate thrower wins, the original name called will receive the prize offered (not the alternate thrower). Contestants agree to hold harmless Strongbuilt Plumbing & Air, the Tucson Convention Center and the Tucson Sugar Skulls in the event a mental or physical injury occurs during the process of the contest.