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Strongbuilt Plumbing & Air is a licensed, insured and bonded plumbing repair contractor providing clean & professional plumbing repair service technicians that are background checked and drug tested, because we care about your home and family just the same way that we care about our own homes and families! You can expect a friendly and uniformed plumbing repair tech to arrive fully equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools needed to handle your plumbing repair.

There’s a lot more that goes into plumbing repair companies in Tucson than what most people realize. It’s not as simple as putting a plumbing repair technician into a vehicle and handing him some invoices. It really all starts with the people who answer the phones, training them to be polite and professional, educating them on what questions to ask, and making sure they can schedule calls properly and post the calls onto a scheduling board for the dispatchers. Now you have to make sure that you have well trained dispatchers making sure they are constantly monitoring the status of the technicians, and staying in touch with the customers in the event we start running behind. Dispatchers have to know how to prioritize a call, they have to monitor driving distance between service calls, they have to close out calls when they are complete with all the notes and information provided by the technicians. And hey we haven’t even gotten to the technicians yet 🙂

There are over 300 companies running around Tucson calling themselves plumbing repair companies, some aren’t licensed, some work from home with no business office or staff to handle incoming service calls. But professional plumbing companies in Tucson are always licensed, bonded, insured, work from a business office, retain staff to handle customer service calls, offer clean, professional, background checked and drug tested field staff in company vehicles with all the proper knowledge, skills and tools needed to diagnose and repair plumbing situations.

There are SO MANY THINGS that make up a successful and professional plumbing contractors business. A LOT of training… Constantly reiterating the message “take pride in your workmanship”, if you’re going to do something, do it right. This is how we differentiate ourselves from our competition, they sometimes send out good technicians but those technicians are typically in a big rush because they are on commission, and because of that it seems like they’re always trying to sell you something. Now please keep in mind that all for profit businesses need revenues to survive, but when your a plumbing contractor you have to be careful not to violate your customers trust. There is a big difference between “need” and “suggest”… So if we find something that is out of specification but it is still functioning, we don’t tell you that you “need” to fix it, we would “suggest” that you fix it. Some companies have deployed “plumbers” that are really more like “salespeople” than they are plumbers, they have made a living selling “urgency” versus selling “education”. Strongbuilt will not allow any of our staff to express any level of urgency unless it is truly an emergency and that would require a member of our management team to become involved. We simply offer you the education you require to make an informed decision on our recommendations. High pressure sales people calling themselves plumbers are dangerous for our industry, they give true plumbing repair companies a bad image. If you’ve been in that spot where you feel like your being pressured, it’s an uncomfortable feeling, it causes you to hesitate before inviting a plumbing contractor back into your home. Don’t hesitate to call Strongbuilt Plumbing & Air, we don’t operate like that 🙂

At Strongbuilt Plumbing & Air we proudly feature AO Smith and Enviro Water Products for water heater replacement installations and water softening, water filtration and purification, water treatment and water conditioning. We can repair ANY brand name system, but when installing new systems we prefer to install reputable and trusted brand names. Plus those brands incur very few warranty calls after install 🙂