About Strongbuilt Panda

Why is a Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Company,
using a Panda logo? Whats that all about?

Marketing creativity, Plumbing AND Air = PANDA.

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The hearts were included because we put our hearts into every job, we care.
We take great pride in our workmanship.

Besides, who doesn’t like Panda’s right? 🙂

Veteran Owned Family Operated Tucson Local Company

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When your selecting a plumbing contractor, or an air conditioning contractor, you want people who care.
Tucson has over 300 contractors who are calling themselves “plumbing companies” or “air conditioning companies” or both. Most of these “companies” don’t even have an office, they work from home, their phone line is their cell phone, most of them aren’t licensed, bonded or insured, and they typically work Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. Of course they all seem great when they’re selling you something, but getting them back out for a repair or a warranty is not so easy, and forget about after hours or on weekends.

With Strongbuilt Plumbing & Air you have a professional licensed, bonded and insured contractor operating from an office with actual business phone lines that are answered 24×7 including weekends and holidays. We’re not “focused on sales”. We offer our clients education, we impart our knowledge onto you so that you can make an informed decision.

Our core group of managers came together to build a better class of service company, strong and process driven, from the ground up, so the name “Strongbuilt” is representational of our values and processes. Our managers are:
John Schamahorn: Over 30-years of HVAC experience, Air Force Veteran, HVAC License Holder for Strongbuilt.
John Mancini: Over 20-years of Plumbing experience, Plumbing License Holder for Strongbuilt.
Patrick Rogan: Over 20-years of Business Management experience, Marine Corps Veteran.

We hope that you will allow us an opportunity to provide you with great service 🙂