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Complete Comfort Care (a.k.a. Panda Care)

The StrongBuilt Complete Comfort Care a.k.a. Panda Care for Tucson residents provides annual home and commercial HVAC maintenance along with added air conditioning deals!
Panda Care is the core of our Tucson business.

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You can imagine in a place like Arizona where it is hot throughout most of the year, keeping cool is a high priority.
And on the hottest days, we know that thousands of homes and businesses will suffer an Air Conditioning break down.
Then you’re scrambling around trying to find a home or commercial HVAC company in Tucson, and you can bet most are all booked up.
So now, you’re in a pickle, you might get service the next day or within a couple days, if you’re really lucky
you might even get Tucson commercial HVAC service that same day – but what’s that gonna cost? Do you think our competitors lower the rates or offer special air conditioning service deals on
really hot days? They don’t… They increase rates to make profit during heat waves, especially for after-hours
service. They aren’t bad people for doing this – it’s just a matter of supply and demand, it’s normal.

But, what if you could have a situation where YOU got absolute top priority from a top rated home and commercial HVAC contractor in Tucson?

That is just one of the reasons why the StrongBuilt Panda Care program and the air conditioning deals it offers are such a great value.

What’s included with Panda Care Membership:
> Absolute top priority on the service scheduling dispatch board
> 1 Spring/Summer Precision Tune Up
> 1 Fall/Winter Safety Inspection and Precision Tune Up
> 1 Whole Home Plumbing Inspection that INCLUDES a water heater flush
> 10% discount on all repairs and services
> 10% discount on new equipment, air quality, water quality or other home improvement purchases

So, how do you join? EASY. Call and schedule an appointment for a tune up (520) 512-5166 – our technicians will have
the club membership form with them, after the tune up – if you’re impressed with us, then JOIN 🙂 EASY!!