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Air Conditioning Service, Plumbing Service, Rooter Service in Tucson, AZ & Pima County, AZ

Strongbuilt Plumbing & Air provides AC Repair, AC Tune Up, New AC System Replacement & Installation, Plumbing Repair, Tankless Water Heaters, Water Softening & Water Filtration, Sewer Repair and Rooter Services in Tucson and throughout ALL of Pima County, including Green Valley, Saddlebrooke and Vail. Our Air Conditioning Service Staff and Plumbing Service Staff have been awarded an A+ on the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List Super Service Award, Best of Home Advisor, Elite Service Award on Home Advisor, Arizona Daily Star Readers Choice Winner for Best Plumbing Companies and Best Air Conditioning Companies in Tucson, Strongbuilt is one of the most awarded companies in Tucson, that doesn't happen by chance!
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Spring & Summer A/C Tune Up Season!

'tis the season! NOW is the time to get your A/C Tune Up done for the inevitable Tucson summer heat. Save money on cooling costs with better efficiency, avoid unexpected costly repairs and extend the life of your AC System! Our System Certification Tune Up includes a Seasonal No Break Down Guarantee! Or Click the Brochure below for Panda Care:
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Thermal Solar Savings with SunTrac!

30% Federal Tax Credit and up to 40% Savings on cooling costs! SunTrac Thermal Solar added onto a Strongbuilt Air Conditioning System IS the Ultimate in Comfort Efficiency! Click the Brochure below:
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Strongbuilt Systems USA

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daikin, amana, goodman, best air conditioning system
daikin, amana, goodman, best ac system
daikin, amana, goodman, best brand of ac system
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Trusted by Daikin Amana

Strongbuilt has been entrusted with a Private Label Program from the world's largest and most reputable manufacturer of heating and air conditioning systems, Daikin. This allows us to offer one of the industries best warranty programs, including Lifetime Warranty options and Lifetime Unit Exchange options. With Lifetime Unit Exchange, if your new AC unit has a critical failure, we don't do a part repair, we Exchange the Condenser or Furnace with a whole new system! Huge Value!

tucson ac companies, tucson ac repair, ac service tucsonTucson is a unique climate, it gets super hot, humid, and it can get cold during the winter season. Our Professional Heat Load Calculations allow us to Guarantee that you will be comfortable on the hottest days and the coldest days as well.

Water Softening and Water Filtration Systems

As many of you already know, Tucson has horrible water! As a desert city, we use a lot of "reclamation water" which is water that has been reclaimed from the water treatment plant (the sewage system, seriously). They use a ton of chemicals to sanitize it and then they send it back into our city water, right into your home, full of chemicals and maybe other stuff too. In addition to reclamation water, our water here in southern Arizona is VERY hard. To be clear, hard water is defined as any water containing over 4 grains per gallon of Calcium Magnesium, the water throughout much of southern Arizona is more like 20+ grains per gallon, which is considered super hard water. Calcium Magnesium are minerals, these are good for your body and your health, but really bad for your plumbing, pipes and water fixtures. Calcium Magnesium is that white powder substance that scales and stains your showers, sinks, tubs, builds up in water heaters, causes water flow problems from faucets and toilets, it causes scale and build up which is not good, BUT we can solve this problem! Better yet, we can remove the chemicals (Chlorine), and deliver clean descaled water to every tap in your home, while leaving the good minerals IN the water! Strongbuilt has been installing "Enviro Water Products" water treatment systems for YEARS, we've installed hundreds of them all over Tucson, no problems, no complaints and all still functioning flawlessly. Here is how Enviro Water works:
water softener, water softening, water filtration, water treatment, water purificationAs you will see below, clean water is our featured service this month! Meaning, the water softener systems are on sale so now is a great time to call for a water filtration system estimate! This is NOT a traditional salt based water softener! The system does not require any salt, chemicals or water discharge (wasted water) from regeneration cycles, all of that is old and outdated. Enviro Water Systems have a sediment filter which you change once a year (we include 10-years of sediment filters so you don't have to worry about buying these for at least a decade!). Other than the sediment filter, the system requires ZERO maintenance. No lugging around 40LB bags of salt or forgetting to add salt, etc. We simply suggest you allow us to do a water test once a year to make sure everything is testing properly. A water treatment system will save you money! Water filtration and water softening systems are one of the few things you can buy for your home and family that will pay for itself! Soaps and detergents are loaded with junk to overcome dirty hard water, with clean descaled or soft water you will be able to cut down on soaps, detergents, shampoos, conditioners and especially moisturizer use in half. Plus drink your own water at home, no need to go buy clean water you'll have better than bottled quality water from every tap in your home!

Featured Products & Services for April 2019!

Proud Sponsor of the Tucson Sugar Skulls!

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Visit the Strongbuilt Booth at every Tucson Sugar Skulls Home Game for a chance to Win a New Air Conditioning System and $25,000!! Every qualified entrant receives their choice of a complimentary air conditioning tune up or a water heater maintenance service & flush. Click Here to read the details and rules of the Sugar Skulls Contest. See you at the game!!

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