Tips for Heat Safety

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It’s supposed to be like 115 on Saturday June 4th – and this is not something to underestimate, heat is dangerous.

So we want to take a minute and share with you some things we feel are important for excessive heat warnings.

First is the most logical thing > DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.
Adding minerals to water can help, but plain old tap water will work fine.
DO NOT > do not waste your time drinking reverse osmosis water a.k.a. RO Water.
Bottled spring water is fine, tap water, just avoid RO Water (it’s dead water, there are no nutrients in it).

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE PETS (or anyone else) LOCKED UP IN YOUR VEHICLE. If you have outdoor pets, you really should bring them inside, at least for the hottest part of the day (we mean domestic animals, dogs & etc. so probably don’t bring your horse in the house, just sayin).

As much as we hate to say it, you really should avoid alcohol 🙁
Unfortunately – water “brewed with barley and hops” doesn’t actually count as water > FYI…

Probably consider leaving the windows on your vehicles cracked open, cover your steering wheel with something, don’t leave sealed bottles of anything in your vehicle, especially not soda or lotions.

If you’re in a situation where you have no cooling, or if you’re outdoors for extended periods, you should consider having a damp towel nearby, wrap it around you neck or over your head to help keep you cool.

Know the signs of heat stroke !!
Heatstroke symptoms include:
> High body temperature. A body temperature of 104 or higher is the main sign of heatstroke.
> Altered mental state or behavior
> Alteration in sweating
> Nausea and vomiting
> Flushed skin
> Rapid breathing
> Racing heart rate
> Headache

Do some research from trusted sources on excessive heat preparedness, we suggest:
Excessive Heat Warning Wiki
National Weather Service Heat Safety Resources
American Red Cross Heat Wave Safety
US Government Extreme Heat

If your air conditioner breaks down > > > Call Us 🙂 (520) 512-5166 we’ll get you taken care of.

Seriously folks, heat is dangerous, we hope these tips help out !!

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