Water Heater “Churning & Grumbling”

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Churning & Grumbling in your Water Heater?

Water Heaters REQUIRE maintenance, a lot of people aren’t aware of that. If you’re hearing a sound that kind of sounds like your water heater is churning little rocks, or if it is making a grumbling sound, you need a water heater flush (pretty quickly). There’s a lot more to a water heater flush than just opening the drain valve… This is something best left to a qualified, licensed plumber. During a whole home plumbing inspection, the trained eyes of a plumber may turn up other issues like drainage problems, water pressure problems or other things like small leaks that you may not have been aware of.

Let’s get back to that grumbling noise… What you are hearing is most likely calcium and other minerals churning around, and this is definitely not a good thing. On a gas water heater (most homes have gas water heaters) there is a device inside the tank called an “Anode Rod” which is designed to attract the minerals, it is called a sacrificial component, meaning its whole purpose is to be eaten away or sacrificed to prevent the minerals from building up in the tank. If you’re hearing that grumbling or churning sound, you most likely have no remaining Anode Rod, which is not unusual. BUT it is something you will want to have taken care of, because that mineral build up won’t get any smaller…

The Anode Rod “can” be replaced, but depending on the age of the water heater, the plumber may decline to perform a replacement of the Anode Rod, because many times it is removed and unable to be repaired or replaced, which means you will need a new water heater, and then it kinda makes the plumber look like a bad guy or maybe that he’s trying to take advantage of you, but actually he’s not, so like I said it is possible that the plumber may decline to replace that component and just recommend a new water heater.

Electric water heaters do not have an Anode Rod, and often times the heating elements are just rotted away (not unusual) resulting in no hot water or in some cases one of the two elements will go out leaving you with short supplies of warm (but not hot) water. PLEASE do not try to change your own heating elements on an electric water heater, this is DANGEROUS and definitely something that should be left to a qualified and licensed plumber…

How to avoid this in the future? VERY EASY = ANNUAL MAINTENANCE on your home plumbing systems. You should also be considering a water conditioning system to reduce mineral scaling and buildup. In fact everyone in Tucson should consider a water treatment system. Ask the plumber about water treatment systems or water conditioning systems. One suggestion for water treatment is AVOID SALT OR POTASSIUM BASED SOFTENERS, they are not good for the city water reclamation system, they may have an adverse effect on your health, and worst of all they remove all the good minerals from your water!! You don’t want that, it’s like drinking dead water, your body needs those minerals… There are much more efficient and healthier alternatives which require no maintenance, no lugging around 50LB bags of salt, no worries and no hassle, just super clean filtered water which has 99.6% scale reduction. The plumber will tell you more…

I hope this is helpful, always call us with any questions (520) 512-5166 🙂

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